Are there alternative payment options for paying a deposit?

No more waiting around for your money back at the end the tenancy. With Reposit you only pay for what you owe, when you owe it.

We’ve partnered with a company called Reposit which offers an alternative to paying a cash deposit. By using Reposit you can save a lot of money upfront as you will only need to pay the Reposit fee instead of a cash deposit. We still offer traditional deposit options if needed.

An added benefit of Reposit is fairer dispute resolution at the end of your tenancy. Government-backed deposit schemes can take 8 weeks to resolve disputes, whilst keeping your cash locked up. With Reposit, you keep hold of your money and only pay for what you owe.

Please note just like a normal deposit, you are still liable for any valid, end-of-tenancy charges. The difference with Reposit is that you keep control of your cash and only pay these if they actually occur at the end of your tenancy, rather than paying at the start. Please speak to one of our team members for more information.


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